Betsy Price
First Week at Wagner
Tanya and I arrived in Wagner on Sunday where we were welcomed warmly by staff that showed us to our room.  Prior to arrival, I anticipated we would stay in a hospital room. I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful facility with rooms that feel very inviting.  We spent Monday and Tuesday in the clinic with a variety of appointments.  Tuesday, Cheri stopped by and took us out to lunch at Booms, a local restaurant.  We also had a chance to visit Marty, SD where we toured St. Paul, Apostle to the Nations, Church.  The church is gorgeous and is definitely worth the stop for anyone traveling through the area.

Wednesday, Simulation in Motion – South Dakota was visiting with their simulation truck.  I was able to observe and participate in a simulated emergency situation with medical staff.

The SIM-SD staff cover 66 locations and were wonderful at answering all my questions!  The end of the week was spent at James Drug with local pharmacy staff and in the therapy clinic with PT/PTA/OT staff.  Week one in Wagner has showed me so much variety the community has to offer.  Hopefully next week I can spend some additional hours in the emergency room!

Week Two
Week two brought new faces and extra time spent in the ER. I met Dr Qazi and spent a day with him working with inpatients and the ER. He quizzed me on multiple topics and really challenged me to think critically. More time was spent with patients in the clinic. Days are a little slow in the summertime, but that has provided a lot of “behind the scene” education with nursing staff on the day-to-day functions of the clinic.

The physical therapy department hosted lunch one day to allow for face to face education and interaction with clinic nurses and providers. It was great to hear both sides of the conversation and how the teams can work together for the patients. They also had a chance to brainstorm opportunities in physical therapy and have providers input the relevance to patient population. It’s phenomenal to see the local professionals wanting to advance their services to provide best care for their community.

Week Three
The days are just flying by here in Wagner!

Monday was a holiday, which meant the clinic was closed. Tuesday, Tanya and I spent the day in the clinic studying in between patient visits. We both had commitments in Sioux Falls that afternoon. It’s so nice being less than 2 hours from a bigger city!

Wednesday, Tanya and I meet with the Alyssa and Shannon, the REHPS students in Platte. The four of us went out to Grass Roots Hutterite Colony. We spent the whole day helping with their daily tasks. The morning started off with cleaning turkey breasts. We were handed knives and aprons and let loose! We took a tractor ride to the garden where we worked on the beans. I quickly discovered that I am not talented at gardening but the ladies were nice enough to help me along. Lunch consisted of this delicious egg and potato soup, fresh bread, roasted goose, and veggies! In the afternoon, we toured the facilities, including their new truss and wall plant. It was incredible to see the steps they have made in their facility. Work was so busy they even had some of the women come help! In the Hutterite community, women and men don’t typically work side by side. In fact, the women and the men sit separately at meals and church too! The day there was wonderful and it was a great reminder to respect other cultures!

Thursday and Friday were spent in the clinic. While the patient load may not be full, they truly have some medically complex patients here. This allows the providers and staff additional time to help coordinate other services, referrals, and follow-ups for the patients. The patients are lucky as the providers here often bend over backwards to make things work!

Week Four
It’s hard to believe that it’s already the fourth week of our REHPS rotation! The time has truly flown by!

Most of the week revolved around clinic and ER patients. The summer weekdays are fairly quiet but that has given us ample time to discuss cases with the providers.

Thursday Cheri came to town and took us out to lunch. We were able to discuss the REHPS program and brainstorm ideas for the program’s future.

Friday, Tanya and I had a lunch with providers, nurses and staff about HPV and our experience in Wagner. We decided to research the HPV adherence rates in the Wagner Community Clinic compared to the rates for Charles Mix County and the state. The data showed remarkable progress over the last 10 years and it was exciting to report such positive results to the staff!