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About the 2011 REHPS Experience
My experience at Redfield was nothing short of spectacular.  I truly enjoyed every minute of it, and I feel that it has made me a better health-care professional.  Being a pharmacy student, I was glad I was able to witness what other health-care professionals do.  Shadowing Dr. Owens and Ron-PA, I was able to witness the diagnosis process of a disease. Pharmacists are typically only involved in the treatment of  the disease state, so it was an aspect I most likely won’t see.  Ron also showed me the proper technique of giving both an intramuscular and intradermal injection.  Also, I am more aware of a pharmacist’s responsibility in a small town.  While at Randall Pharmacy, I was able to see how nice it is to know most of the customers who come in the door.  I have been to some corporate pharmacies—which actually felt more like a factory than pharmacy, and the volume of scripts done per day make it tough to get to know every patient.  All-in-all I am glad I was able to complete this experience, and I feel that everyone should at least attempt a rural area experience because if you don’t try it, then how do you know it’s not for you.