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About the 2011 REHPS Experience

Going into the REHPS program, I had no idea what to expect as it was the first year of the program.  The only thing I knew was that I was going to be partnered with another pharmacy student, which was different from the other sites in that they had students from different disciplines.  However, upon arriving in Parkston and talking with a few of the Avera St. Benedict staff, I knew the experience was going to be great.  Everyone in the facility was great to work with and knowledgeable and passionate about their profession. 

The best part about the program was that I got to take part in all aspects of rural healthcare.  I spent time in every department so my day-to-day activities varied.  One morning, I might be making rounds with the doctors, and in the afternoon, I might be spending time in the community pharmacy.  I also took part in some community activities such as helping build the Avera St. Benedict float for Tripp’s 125th Celebration and putting on a blood glucose screening and drug take-back program.  The experience made me realize that rural health systems are an important part of small communities and offer a wide variety of services.  I highly recommend all health profession students to apply for this program next year.  It is an awesome learning experience, and you get to meet great people along the way.