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About the 2011 REHPS Experience
When I was applying to PA schools, I was looking for a school with the mentality of supporting small towns in the South Dakota area.  The University of South Dakota offered me such an opportunity as their mission statement was to promote students to work in rural South Dakota and the rural Midwest.  During my clinicals,  I saw the opportunity for the REHPS program and what it entailed.  I was very excited.  The REHPS program truly offered a rural experience.  I was given housing and food.  I learned from doctors, nursing, radiology staff, pharmacists, EMTs, school superintendent/principal, distinguished people in the community, and many other people in and outside of the health care realm.  Health care in a rural community isn’t just about providing care for patients.  It’s about being a community leader.  The REHPS program and REHPS community project allowed me to do just that.  In a very short time frame, I was able to learn, help provide health care, and provide community service as a community leader in healthcare (as a student of course). Thank you REHPS program and good luck in the future as well as all future students.