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Back to Students 2014

Week 1 Bowdle, South Dakota

Monday: I arrived in Bowdle on Monday around 11:20.  I went into the clinic and was greeted by the friendly staff and they then showed me where we would be staying.  The area where we are staying is very nice with almost every accommodation I could have hoped for.  We then went for out for lunch at Dewald’s, the local gas station/convenience store.  After lunch, we went on a tour of the clinic, hospital, and nursing home.  Once the tour was finished we went to the retail pharmacy store, Turner Drug.  We spent the rest of our afternoon in the drug store to observe how things were run there.

Tuesday:  We started the morning with breakfast in the hospital.  After breakfast we met with Doug Turner, the pharmacist to see how the pharmacy in the hospital was operated.  I then went to the drug store and worked with Doug.  For lunch we got to go out to eat at the local steak house, The Shotgun, with Cheri, the REHPS coordinator.  My meal was delicious and I hope to eat there again!  Once lunch was finished, I returned to the drug store and continued to work in the retail pharmacy setting.

Wednesday:  Today, I was fortunate enough to get to shadow the PAs in the clinic.  I spent a large majority of the day with Wayne Washenberger.  The staff was going through Meditech training on this day in order to prepare for the facility’s transition, so the clinic was unusually slow.  However, I enjoyed shadowing the PAs a lot and found it very interesting.  We went to out to eat for our evening meal in Roscoe at Three Paws with the Turner family.  The food was very good and I plan on returning there!

Thursday:  During the morning, I went to the drug store and worked in the pharmacy with Doug.  I then ate lunch and after that I went to the clinic to shadow Wayne again. Today was a much busier day in the clinic and we saw many patients.  I enjoy being able to see the prescribing side of pharmacy.

Friday:  I started my day as usual by eating breakfast in the hospital and then meeting up with Doug in the hospital pharmacy.  We then went to the retail store and spent the rest of the day there.  I can’t believe that I have already completed my first week and I look forward to the rest of my time in Bowdle!

Week 2
Monday:  To start off the week, I spent the morning at Turner Drug.  As usual, Mondays are very busy at the store.  After lunch, I followed Wayne Washenburger, the PA at the clinic.  The afternoon at the clinic was very busy as well and we saw many patients.

Tuesday:  Like the day before, I spent the morning at Turner Drug and then went to the clinic in the afternoon.  However, I followed Dr. Lechner at the clinic.  We had a very interesting day that ranged from nail removals to nose bleeds.   Needless to say,  I learned a lot during my time at the clinic!

Wednesday:  We were able to follow the home health nurse today.   There is a WIC office in Hoven that Mel, the home health nurse, is in charge of. So we traveled to Hoven in the morning to see how things are run there.  I enjoyed the day because we got to see a different side of health care and got to see a lot of cute kids!  After we returned to Bowdle, we went to supper at the Turner’s home.  The meal was delicious and we had a great time!

Thursday:  Today we followed Mel again.  We got off to an early start and traveled to Selby for Take Heart, which is a cholesterol and blood pressure screening program. We participated in that in the morning and then we went on home visits with Mel.  We did a lot of traveling around the area today and saw many friendly people.  In the evening, we joined the Turner family at the Shotgun for another very enjoyable meal!

Friday:  We spent our Friday by doing the inventory for the pharmacy.  It was a nice change of pace after the very fun and busy week we had!

Sunday:  Today we woke up early and headed for the river for a fishing trip!  We arrived at New Everts resort to meet our guide, Pete.  We then loaded up and headed for the river.  The day started out slow and we weren’t catching much.  However, after about 2 hours we found a good spot and ended up catching our limit of walleye!  I don’t get the opportunity to fish very often, so it was very fun to get to fish and actually catch them!

Week 3
Monday:  To start off our third week in Bowdle, we spent our day conducting key informant interviews.  I interviewed three people about their views on wellness in the community.  During the afternoon, we went to Roscoe to shop at Trendy Threads. Trendy Threads is a cute little boutique and coffee shop. I found some cute clothes and enjoyed an iced coffee!

Tuesday:  During the morning we were able to watch scopes performed by Dr. Larson from Aberdeen.  We saw a lot of interesting things and it was definitely a learning experience.  I really enjoy being able to see different things in the health care field and experiencing what other health care professionals do.  Scope days also include a pot luck lunch.  The food was awesome!  Later in the evening we went over to the Beadle’s house for supper.  We were spoiled with wine and a delicious steak dinner.  We had a great time visiting with the Beadle’s!

Wednesday:  Today we went to State Street Pharmacy in Aberdeen.   We followed Kendall Goetz who is an excellent compounding pharmacist.  We learned about all the different products he makes and even got to make some capsules ourselves.  Later in the afternoon, we met up with two of the receptionists from the clinic for pedicures and supper at The Palm Garden before we headed back to Bowdle.

Thursday:  We spent the morning following Wayne Washenberger in the clinic.  The morning was very busy and we saw many interesting patients.  During the afternoon,  I went to the drug store to counsel and work with Doug.  After our evening meal, I was able to go for an enjoyable evening run.

Friday:  To end the week, we used our morning to type up our paper that summarized the interviews we conducted earlier in the week.  We were able to finish our paper that day, which was a great way to wrap up our week!

Week 4
Monday:  To start our last week in Bowdle, we went to Selby to shadow Clint Perman, a PA.  It was an unusually slow day there but we still saw plenty of patients.  We were even able to follow up with a patient that had been in Bowdle previously.  It was very interesting to be able to see the patient go full-circle through the health care system. For lunch, we ate at Mr. Bob’s which is a local drive in.  The food was very good and it was a highlight of our trip to Selby.

Tuesday:  Today we each spent half the day in either the clinic or the drug store.  I spent the morning with Doug in the drug store and the afternoon with Wayne Washenberger in the clinic.   This was one of our last days working with Doug and Wayne so it was bittersweet.   We went over to the Turner’s for supper and ate the last of the walleye from our fishing trip.  It was just as delicious as the first time we ate it!

Wednesday:  During our last full day in Bowdle, we spent our time working on our presentation and finishing up other lose ends.  For supper, the Turner’s took us to Roscoe to eat at Three Paws again.  We have really enjoyed our trips to Roscoe and the food is always very good!

Thursday:  I can’t believe that our time in Bowdle has come to an end.  The time went way faster than I imagined it would!  Today was also the last day for one of the receptionists, so we went to the Shotgun for lunch with the clinic staff.  After lunch we got our presentation set up and gave our presentation to some of the clinic staff.   It was very hard to say goodbye to all the people we met there and I definitely plan on coming back again!  We had such a great experience in Bowdle and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so kind and welcoming!