Redfield, South Dakota
Week 1

Well Sunday night I left Pierre super excited to start my four-week adventure and not be living with my parents, which I was the last four weeks. I was definitely ready to come to Redfield. The staff here are very welcoming, and helpful, I love visiting with them every day! The first day right away in the morning there were two ER cases of possible heart attacks. This already tripled the excitement I experienced at the clinic in XXX. I loved absolutely every minute of Monday. I felt like I was actually applying some of my knowledge I learned my first year of medical school and problem solving with Dr. Owens through a case. It was also my first experience using the eEmergency with Avera Health, which uses webcams to communicate with ER doctors in Sioux Falls. I was really impressed with this useful service. A part of being here in Redfield is I agreed to be “on call” for the ER just as rural doctors are. I heard the helicopter land at about 3:30 AM one night. I woke up right away all bummed they did not call me because it must have been an interesting case. Turns out, I just slept through the phone call! I woke up anyway and went up to the ER and the nurses filled me in on the case which I was glad because it was a great learning experience. On Friday, I went to the South Dakota Development Center and followed psychiatry residents. I have had experiences at HSC and SESDAC with people with disabilities but not with psychiatrists, so I found it very interesting. So far I really enjoy Redfield and all the hospital staff and my partner Ally, I couldn’t imagine doing this all alone!

Week 2
This week was pretty good, saw some interesting patients in the clinic and in the hospital. I shadowed Dr. Iwerks, a general surgeon from Aberdeen, one morning and watched him do scopes. I enjoyed visiting with him and his nurse. Dr. Owens took Ally and I out fishing Saturday night; it was a perfect day for fishing and the fish were really biting. It was my highlight so far! In the meantime, Ally and I were busy planning our community project and making some phone calls. I went to the Senior Citizen Center one morning with a couple of nurses to introduce myself to the senior citizens so they know us when we come back and do blood pressure checks and blood sugars!

Week 3
This week I started off at Home Health and went with a nurse to visit a few patients. Both of the patients we saw I had also seen in the hospital earlier in the month. If was great to see them again and see how they have improved. Throughout the week I saw some interesting children and infant patients. One thing I love about family medicine is the mix of patient ages. Ally and I went golfing this week with some women from the hospital; it was my first time golfing and Ally’s second. I don’t think golfing is our sport, but Rhonda and Judy were great teachers and very patient with us! This week we saw a case of anaphylaxis in the ER. This was a perfect teaching case as I have never seen true anaphylaxis and the protocol that follows it. On Friday, we went and visited Dr. Ed Perry. He is 94 and super bright. My highlight of the month so far is talking to him; he is such a great idol.

Week 4
This week Aly and I spent getting our project ready, which was Tuesday. Overall, we felt it was a success. We did blood pressures and blood sugars while handing out pre-diabetes information. This week we also went to the colony which was a fabulous time. We ate lunch with them and the food was amazing. Aly and I checked out some shops in Redfield and went to the pool one afternoon to end our month with some color. Our overall experience was wonderful and I really enjoyed my experience in Redfield. I definitely will recommend the REHPS program to other medical students.